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Here, you will find details of some of the ways in which the School Meals Project aims to make a positive and lasting impact: with our partner schools, our community partners, charity organisations and with policy makers.

The British Food History Podcast

S06E09 The School Meals Service with Heather Ellis (August 2023)

The School Meals Service with Heather Ellis – The British Food History Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

Neil’s guest on this edition of The British Food History Podcast is Heather Ellis from Sheffield University. Heather is a historian of Education and she, along with academics from the University of Wolverhampton and UCL, have just embarked on an ambitious project looking at people’s experiences and memories of their school dinners in all four UK Home Nations. School dinners have been supplied by the School Meals Service – i.e. by the Government – since 1908. They talked about the project, the origins of the School Meals Service in the first decade of the 20th century, the foods served up over the next 100 years or so. The School Meals Project wants your food memories if you have had experience with school meals in the UK, however old you may be and whatever the interaction may be.

Breaking Britain: A Podcast about the Politics of a Disunited Kingdom

The Politics of School Meals: Food, Community and the British Welfare State – With Heather Ellis (March 2023)